The island of Dikson, the northernmost town in Russia, is a tiny place at the corner of Arctic desert, between horizonless ice of the North Arctic Ocean. What you notice first is abandoned equipment, deserted empty buildings, covered with snow, and ships, forever frozen in. Yet people still live here. There’s a school in Dikson, a weather station, frontier post.


Discovered by the Finnish seafarers, named after a Swedish business tycoon, the Russian town of Dikson was an important part of Russia's 20th century history. But in the 21st century, this unique port on the Northern Sea Route, and the only Siberian town to fend off the German invaders during the World War II is on the verge of being abandoned and resettled.




A while ago it was called “The weather kitchen” and “the hall of the Northern pole”. It had the largest population density of higher educated people – scientists, engineers, hydrographers, meteorologists, teachers… “Mecca” for Soviet poets. Young professionals seek for an opportunity to get a job here because of high salaries and prestige. But now it’s only 400 people left. All of them had an opportunity to leave but they decided to stay.  Is Dikson keeping them? How?

Dik 4

The film is about people who used to live and work here in the past and who live here today. Families, singles, WWII heroes, scientists, workers, kids… People who dream to move and those who will always stay.